Today I wanted to make a post regarding an easy method to delabel beer and wine bottles since this can be a very frustrating task when reusing bottles and wanting to use your own labels.

I have several friends who save beer and wine bottles for me and I like to put a custom label on my wine bottles. I have spent hours and hours trying to get the old labels off and then I decided to try a new approach and it has saved me so much time.

First I fill all the bottles to the top so they have weight so they stay submerged. Then I start filling my kitchen sink or a 5 gallon bucket with warm water and I add Oxiclean Free to the water. As the water level reaches higher than the bottle on its side I start putting the bottles in.

After a couple of hours I test a bottle to see how easy the label comes off. You will be amazed that the longer you soak the bottles in the Oxiclean solution the easier the labels come off. Sometimes they fall off as you pick the bottle up out of the water (usually 24 hours in 5 gallon bucket.)

This is a great way to preserve a fancy label you are wanting to try and keep also. Most of the labels are water proof due to cooling and warming from storage and transportation

Granted this method may not work on preserving all labels you will be surprised at how many it will. See below screen shots.


Yuengling, Shock Top and Bud Light Bottles Shot with labels off bottles Labels on paper towel if I were going to  let them dry out and save them
100_3837 100_3835 100_3836

I hope you find this method a time saver when removing labels.





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